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A Rant!

22 Oct

I was born in the 80’s brought up in the 90’s and now find myself a young adult in 2012. These facts make me part of a troubled generation (the older end of the scale but I am still hanging on in there).  I am sure that every generation had their troubles but it seems that as the economy is struggling and people are very skint we, ‘the youth’ have become a rather sinister cloud hanging around the streets and back alleys. We are vandalising and drinking, drugging,  mugging and reproducing at younger and younger ages. We are unemployed, violent and restless and every week the worlds media laments our lack of ambition and respect. Well that is public perception anyway.

In reality the majority of us are sinking and spluttering in a society that provides no real support, we are awash without any consequences or rules. A lot of us have had very good upbringings, we are educated and provided for. Remember the millionaires daughter arrested for her part in last summers riots? She was not from the rough side of town with parents who would prefer to buy cheap cider than fill the fridge. She was wealthy and wanted for very little yet rubbed shoulders with those who passionately despise the state and the people who run this country. People like…her father say. Equally, several of my friends took part in the marches against government cuts in London last year and were shocked that so many of the so-called Anarchists were from wealthy backgrounds. These were not working class people who felt they were being taken advantage of by the government and had no choice but to turn to violence,  so what were they? Outraged by the injustice in the country or just bored and fancied a taste of danger?

I can’t speak for an entire generation of course but what I can do is give my experience. In recent times I have come up with a theory. It seems to me that this sense of entitlement that much of this yobbish behaviour is attributed to is caused not by the talentless  ‘Made in Chelsea’, ‘TOWIE’ non-celebrities that grace our magazines and televisions but by the lack of discipline we are given. I first began thinking about this recently when modelling. One girl threw her weight around and said she would not wear the make-up that had been planned for the show as she didn’t like it. She was told that her behaviour was unacceptable and she should leave. Within ten minutes she was back in the make up chair having her face changed to her liking. Why is this? She was allowed to return and ultimately her diva like attitude was rewarded. I sat quiet, bit my tongue in spite of the reservations I had about my make up and yet I was now in the a worse position than the girl who had stamped her feet.

This is not a particularly far-reaching or life changing event but I was reminded that at a bar I had once worked in a member of staff was caught on CCTV handing out free drinks to some punters, inviting them behind the bar and overcharging yet she wasn’t sacked. She was reprimanded, however in a time where youth employment was/is so high, she remained employed. This is the landlords prerogative but it breeds resentment amongst those of us who work hard and honestly and takes jobs from those who want to do their best. On a wider scale it raises questions about why we should become respectful and adjusted individuals if someone who has broken the rules and the law is not punished.

Finally, last week I was walking the dog when I came across a group of young lads throwing stones at the windscreen of fast-moving traffic. When I was spotted witnessing their actions the boys turned their attentions and stones at me. I called the police as I headed for cover in a local park.  Firstly I tried the 101 number and was cut off repeatedly. I gave up and as I was a little shaken by this point the boys had met with their friends and the gang had grown to 15/20. I took the decision to dial 999. The operator on the end of the line told me that as I was not injured I shouldn’t have dialled 999. Fair enough I suppose, she continued to TELL ME OFF as  this was anti social behaviour and not an emergency. So all of a sudden I was in trouble for calling the police when I felt I needed protecting.

Of course my peers feel entitled to behave how they want and take whatever their heart desires. There are very few consequences to their actions. So why not? It becomes incredibly difficult to see why  I should remain a decent and hard-working individual as it seems that nice guys really do finish last. The only conclusion I have come to is that I am able to look at myself in the mirror and feel proud that I have treated people how I expect to be treated and that is something that needs to be taught more. We are too easily influenced by our friends, family and the media, what happened to our inner, moral compass? Perhaps somewhere between the Spice Girls and the Millennium it was accidentally erased.


First World Problems Much?

10 Oct

This week has been pretty none descript, very little is going on in my life in the run up to Liverpool Fashion Week except trying not to eat things. I have lost very few pounds, infact thanks to the in laws I have put on a few I reckon. Watch your shins front row, manitee on the catwalk. What I have lost is so many fucking possesions, including my specs which makes me angry and blind! A hilarious combination that results in much cursing and fumbling. I hate losing stuff, I feel like the universe and these inanimate objects are conspiring against me. Like they have had a little meeting (presumably the Milky Way was the chair and Jupiter was taking the minutes) at the beginning of the week and decided a full on game of hide and seek is what I need to keep me out of trouble. So well done, guys you win now can I have the power of sight back please?

Fucking Nightmare!

As a model and general creative (pretentious right?) I have been in a bit of a lull recently so I have started painting again. Some really fucking terrible paintings-I use that term lightly- of women with too many eyelashes and odd lengthed limbs. I tried to sell one of my more abstract pieces on ebay. It was like the first night on the game, sticking my vulnerable bits on the open market. Did it sell? Did it feck. 99p I wanted for this sliver of my mind and the general public are not interested. It was very much how I imagine offering some fella in an anorack a blowie for 2 quid and getting an ‘OH HELL NO!!!’ in response.   

Finally, I have a bloody awful cold. I have that cough that shakes you whole body and causes people to move away from you when you are out and about, especially in restaurants and at deli counters. Excuse those germs all over your Tuna Nicoise/Salami/Walnut Foccacia I am not well!  The only benefit that I can hope to come out of this fucking horrible, hacking mess is the kind of abs that would make Britney Spears circa ‘Slave For You’ jealous. Come on man, I deserve a break!